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Thank you for visiting the website. Before using and shopping on our website, please read the terms and conditions of use of our website first. By shopping at our website, you agree to the terms and conditions we've set.
As the development of Janish Home, we will also make changes to the terms and conditions on our website. You are advised to read the terms and conditions before making a transaction with us.

Details Price Includes Taxes Provisions Applicable
All prices listed on our website are including VAT. You will not be charged extra for VAT.
We always strive to ensure that all details, prices and descriptions contained in our website is always accurate. If we find an error in the price of the products you order, we will confirm it and notify you.
Prices listed are in Indonesian Rupiah.

Delivery process
a. Estimated delivery time is a maximum of 7 days for goods that ready stock and 90-120 days for goods made to order. Delivery only performed Monday through Friday after your order confirmation by our team. Customer satisfaction is our priority, Therefore we work together with logistics partner who will deliver your products directly to your destination.

b. 1 day prior to delivery, Janish Home customer service team will contact you to arrange delivery schedule and make sure you are in place at the time we deliver the goods. Our customer service team will then coordinate with the logistics partner on this. If the sudden you are required to be somewhere else at the time of delivery of goods that have been promised, then you are requested to immediately contact our customer service team so that the new delivery schedule can be made immediately. Or We can also send aattorney letter so that you can authorize another person to accept delivery of the goods. The new schedule is expected to take up to 7 additional business days.

Although we in Janish Home strongly believes that all the products that we sell in the website are made with the best quality, we will not be responsible or compensate for damage to our products caused by the actions of others besides us.

Accuracy of Product Photos
We try our best to ensure the products are sold in similar websites with photos contained on the website. However, the working manual as well as the use of materials from natural ingredients can cause varying results ranging from the surface shape and color of the wood, it makes every product to be more unique and has its own characteristics. We make every effort to display photos on websites similar to the original product accurately. However, the colors you see on our website will depend on your computer  / mobile screen, so we can not guarantee on-screen display you can represent the color of our products are 100% accurate.

Product damage
Janish Home warranty for all products available on the website because we believe that the products on our website are made of high quality materials. We will process the return of the product if the product you purchased is damaged by the following terms and conditions :

Be sure to check the condition of the purchased product upon receiving your order. Our logistics partner will ask you to fill out a form in the form of a checklist detail what needs to be considered in order to ensure the condition of the goods in perfect condition before you sign the receipt of the products you ordered.
If you notice any damage to the product then you are requested to refuse acceptance of products your order and make sure you immediately notify our logistics partner.

Janish Home will not take any responsibility for product that is lost, damaged and personal injury (caused by the customer after the product is received) experienced by customers or third parties. Janish Home also disclaim liability for any problems that may be experienced by you or third parties arising directly or indirect as you access and use our website. We will never relinquish or give your information to other third parties.

Payment process
Customers who choose the Credit Card payment method, Credit Card is required to use private property. We will not be responsible for any fraudulent credit card.

Intellectual property rights
All content on our website is owned by Janish Home and / or its licensors and is protected by copyright law. You are not allowed to use the content of our website without the express written consent of Janish Home.
All of the protected content is text, design graphics, button icons, images, photographs, logos, titles campaigns, digital downloads and audio clips are property Janish Home. Copyright protects all the content.
You can stored, display and print content available only for your personal use. You are not permitted to manipulate, distribute, publish, reproduce in any format.
If you print and copy the section of our website, you are violating these Terms and Conditions. If the Terms and Conditions are violated, your right to use our website will be immediately dismissed and you must destroy or return the copy of the material that you create.

Link to Website
You may link to our website if you do it legally and do not aim to take advantage or ruin our reputation.

Privacy and Security
Please visit our Privacy Policy (Security and Privacy) we are to understand the security of your privacy while visiting our website.

Account Termination
According to our policies, we will immediately release by follow after notification. We may terminate the use of our website and disable your username and password in our account. Termination of your account for any reason unenforceable, one case of violation of these Terms and Conditions. Your account may be terminated unilaterally us if you have violated the provisions of the regulatory authority of our website.
You can also stops your account by notifying us via email to sales@janishhome.com

Definitions and Interpretation
"Janish Home", "us" and "our". A company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
"Customer" refers to the buyers or users of our website.
"You" refers to customers, buyers, and / or individuals who use our website.
"Intellectual Property" or "Copyright" means all patents, innovations, trademarks, domain names, interior design rights, registered design, product design, business name, the right to protect reputation, and all the existing ownership rights.
"Order" means your order for products through the Platform in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Sale.
"Personal Data" means data, whether true or not, that can be used to identify, contact or searching for you. Personal Data may include your name, e-mail address, billing address, shipping address, phone number and credit card information. "Personal Data" will be deemed to include any data that you provide to us when placing the Order.
"Username" refers to the login identification name that identifies customers who have an account at Janish Home
"Password" means a valid password belonging to customers who have an account Janish Home that can be used with the username to access the website Janish Home.
• All photos of furniture contained in the Janishhome.com website is copyright of Janish Home. Therefore, all parties other than Janish Home is not allowed to take / use / reproduce furniture photos that exist in janishhome.com.
• Where is known to occur abuse photos owned by Janish Home by any party, without exception, will be penalized.

Questionsor Suggestions
If you have questions or suggestions regarding Janish Home, please contact our Customer Service team at:

Janish Home Furniture

Phone               : (+62) 24 764 338 99

Mobile / WA       : (+62) 811 295 5767

Email                : sales@janishhome.com

Janish Home Customer Service team ready to serve you every Monday-Friday: 08:00 to 16:00
You can also contact us onJanish Home social media ie: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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