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With more than thirthy-five years' experience in the furniture industry, we are a manufacturer of a full range of high end furniture and home accessories. in 2016 we growth bigger and bring to the world our masterpiece on direct and online selling, we have our own new brand now, the name is JANISH HOME.

Janish Home is a web portal in the furniture& home accessories things that sells a variety of high-quality furniture at the best price.

We did everything from design, production, packaging into marketing and sales are made in our own factory. This makes our prices remain affordable and competitive with high quality and professional service.

We want to create paradise in your home. Beauty, comfort, and warmth is the basic focus of every product we sell. The products listed on our website have aesthetic ideals that will warm the atmosphere of your home. More than that, we will ensure that the unique furniture designs are visually and remain fully functional.


Our vast network of suppliers enables us to combine exotic wood spices with the very best hardware available, and to use the latest production methods and materials to meet today market demands.
Our supplies and materials are coming from all around the world: Chile, America, Austria, England, Bulgaria, Italy, Taiwan, China, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and obviously Indonesia.

The solid wood spices used are Mindi, cherry and oak, we also use veneers: Mindi, Cherry, Oak, Walnut and more exotic spices such as Ash Burl, Pippy Oak, Zebrano and Ebony, other spices on request.

Besides the suppliers of materials for our furniture production we also have suppliers of various other materials used in our home accessories collections: various natural stones, marbles, iron, brass, aluminum, steel, glass, leather, rattan, fabrics, terracotta, various parts of coconut threes and nuts, bamboo, sea shells and bark from the cinnamon three.


Janish Home offerfull range of service for a broad spectrum of customers, including hotel and resort projects, whole sellers to retailers.

At the heart of the business lies the Research and Development Department, which includes a professional team of designers, AutoCAD drafters and a full sample making workshop.
This enables us to offer a bespoke design-and-manufacture service for larger projects, where we can turn your designs and ideas into reality.

In addition, we are continually adding new designs to our extensive ranges of furniture and home accessories.

Visit us

The factory and showroom are located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Regular flight from Jakarta, Singapore and Surabaya provide a convenient way to visit us.

At the showroom you can view our range of collections and learn more about us and our capabilities.

If you are interested in visiting us or need any help with transportation or accommodation, please contact us.

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Janish Home Furniture

Phone          : (+62) 24 764 338 99

Email           : sales@janishhome.com

Your satisfaction is our dedication. Get an online shopping experience that is fun, safe, and comfortable together with Janish Home.

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