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Cesena Coffee Table

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The Cesena coffee table is a true conversation starter, designed to captivate and impress. Its standout feature lies in the gracefully curved wooden legs that exude a sense of organic beauty and movement. This stunning design element, paired with luxurious marble, creates a harmonious fusion of materials that instantly elevates any living space.

Our marble pieces are crafted from naturally sourced marble. As a result, each piece possesses a unique and distinctive appearance. This individuality is a testament to the beauty of nature and should not be mistaken for a flaw but rather celebrated as an aspect of natural materials.


Product Details

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H 40 W 110 D 110 cm

Packing Dimension

Top: H 126 W 126 D 22 cm

Base: H 45 W 91 D 83 cm

Net Weight

86 kgs

Oak wood / Oak Rustic veneer / Plywood / Marble

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